3D Contouring Kit-No. 1 Natural Warm


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3D Contouring Powder A'pieu 3D Contouring Kit is a revolutionary tool for adjusting facial tones and highlighting cheekbones.

The powder has a delicate texture that allows you to make the skin silky, facial features are adjusted perfectly, as at the hand of a professional sculptor.

This is a cosmetic palette, which includes three different shades of powder. Each shade involves overlaying on certain areas of the face to highlight them or to disguise. For example, it is possible to make the cheekbones more “expressive”, visually “reduce” the forehead bulge, “slightly open” the eyes, or make the “floated” oval of the chin clear. The face after such a high-quality makeup looks more elegant, attracts grooming.

Does not clog pores, allows skin to “breathe”.
The texture is homogeneous, well shaded on the skin, without leaving stains and pronounced "borders".
It does not cause irritation and inflammation, hypoallergenic.
The skin under the powder does not dry out and does not peel off.
Available in two versions of natural powder shades.

Method of application: Apply the final step to certain areas of the face.

Weight: 9 gr.

The brand APIEU  
Floor cosmetics for women  
Country Korea  
A type Powder

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