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Have you carefully cleaned the makeup brush?

(Some people haven’t even washed it yet)


``PURE SMILE 2way makeup brush cleaning love board'' has different functional designs on both sides,

You can remove the powder sticking to the brush and use it to clean the brush!


-The benefits of regular cleaning of the makeup brush, not only can protect the face from messing up things with dirty brushes, but also make the makeup look more durable.

-Easy to use and does not take time

-Reusable after cleaning

-Cross concave and convex surface, suitable for large size makeup brush

-Straight concave and convex surface, suitable for medium-sized makeup brushes

-Dense and uneven surface, suitable for small size makeup brush



1) Wet the brush slightly and then apply some neutral lotion to the brush head

2) Press gently on the uneven surface to slowly push out the dirt

3) Finally, rinse with water


-Color: pink/green

-Dimensions: 85 x 30 x 100mm

-Place of Origin: Japanese imports made in China

-Material: Silicone/Polyurethane



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