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 Made in Japan-AB double eyelid glue has excellent viscosity and soft film, creating a natural and perfect double eyelid effect.

-Easily create charming eyes. After applying it, it forms double eyelids. After drying, it becomes transparent, and it is natural to close the eyes. It lasts for a whole day.

-Create an ideal double eyelid, a single eyelid can easily become a deep double eyelid.

-Simple and convenient double eyelid glue, even beginners can get started quickly.



1. Use facial cleanser to remove oil and dirt from the eyes. Please use it for clean skin. Residual sweat, moisture, and oil will reduce the effect of use. After applying double eyelids, draw eye makeup.

※After applying double eyelid stickers, apply makeup and eye makeup.

2. Press lightly with the tip of the attached stick to confirm the double eyelid line.

3. Head back, looking down at the mirror. Keep the eyelids free of wrinkles

4. Apply invisible double eyelid latex under the double eyelid line, close your eyes and wait to dry. Latex forms a thin film on the surface of the eyelids.

* Drying with cold wind with a hair dryer will dry faster.

* The application position and width vary according to individual circumstances.

5. After the double eyelid latex dries out, a film will form on the eyelid. Use a small stick to gently press the double eyelid line to open the eyes. Be careful not to wrinkle the film. After forming a film on the surface of the eyelid, it can become a double eyelid. If the eyelids are not obvious, repeat the above steps 2~3

6. Open your eyes to form beautiful and natural double eyelids.

After the liquid is completely dry, gently press with your fingers on the surface of the film to make the double eyelids more natural and shiny.

Remover method:

After washing your face, please rub it gently. If it is difficult to remove, please gently hold the eyelid with wet cotton, etc. for a while before washing your face.



-Due to the different skin and fat structure of each person's eyes, there may be cases where double eyelids cannot be formed.

-The raw material of this product contains "latex". Please use with caution if you are allergic.

-Always perform an allergy test before use (apply on the inside of the upper arm and leave it for 24 hours). If redness or swelling occurs after application, please stop using it immediately.

-It can prevent sweat and grease, but there will be individual differences according to the method of use. Rubbing under wet eyelids can cause the film to fall off.

-Do not use if you find that your skin is not suitable, or if you have abnormal symptoms such as wounds and eczema. -During the use, if there are abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, etc., please stop using and contact your doctor.

-If you accidentally get into your eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.

-Please keep out of reach of children.

-Please do not store in hot or cold and humid places, avoid direct sunlight.


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