About Us

Tokyo Lifestyle is an extremely popular large-scale Japanese drugstore chain. It has 8 physical stores in the Kanto region of Japan, and overseas franchise stores throughout the United States and Canada. It offers more than a thousand brands and as many as 55,000 products, including skin care and makeup. , Shampoo and hair care products, health care products, baby daily necessities, Japanese snacks, etc. The Hong Kong branch will simultaneously introduce a variety of mainstream Japanese hot products, allowing customers to stay at the forefront of trends!

Originating from a drugstore in Japan, Tokyo Lifestyle takes "TOKYO. LIFE. BEAUTY" as its mission and is committed to providing women with the latest and most popular skin care and makeup products, highlighting the beauty of women.


Introduce Japan's most popular, well-known skin care and makeup products into overseas markets.


Integrating into daily life makes the brand not only a makeup brand, but also everyone's fashion partner.


Through our make-up products, make customers look more beautiful, so that every customer can enjoy the fun of being a woman.