Miracle Romance Multi Carry Balm 5 lipstick


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:product description:

-Contains moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil and olive oil

-In addition to being used as a lip cream, it can also be used on other body parts

-The texture is soft and smooth to prevent dryness and itching of lips/body

-Exquisite and cute shape, palm-sized, convenient to carry

-A touch of strawberry fruit aroma, soothing treatment



Sailor Moon fans, don’t miss it. Applying a lightly colored lip balm will definitely give your makeup a natural look!!

The lustrous, transparent and moisturizing effect can be used daily by girls who go to school, while girls who are not used to wearing lipstick can use it.


Buying this lip balm as a gift for your girlfriend can melt her girl's heart!

The newly launched Sailor Moon series of lip balm. The shape is derived from the communicator when Sailor Moon is transformed

The whole shape is elegant and cute, and it is a very practical lip balm. It contains natural squalane and hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients.


The moisturizing and repairing effect is very good. Each has a different fragrance and different color.

To match the unique image of each Sailor Moon, it is small and exquisite, with a diameter of only 4cm,

Small as a capsule keychain, easy to carry and use


Except lips, you can use it on any part of your body that feels dry

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