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Japan John's Blend clip-on fragrance for cars


Fragrance: white musk, musk jasmine, lily of the valley, black musk

Finally/Wait~~~~~~ Cars are not as easy to clean as ordinary furniture, and they often have an unbearable smell after driving for a long time. For driving, it is also very important to maintain a good mood when driving and to relieve the fatigue of long-distance driving! John's Blend has an elegant and delicate fragrance, which is quite suitable, perfectly providing a good mood for the driver and passengers, no matter how long you drive, you will not feel tired! A variety of beautiful fragrances ingeniously release different scents. The fragrance can be released when stuck in the car's air outlet. The car is filled with beautiful fragrances, accompany your happy journey time~~~


Use John’s Blend classic fragrance concentrated fragrance oil, add it to car fragrance

The new square shape with clip design makes it more convenient to use

The eco-friendly refill pack can be replaced without changing the container, which is economical and environmentally friendly

The fragrance lasts for about 30 days


White Musk John's Blend's classic TOP 1 scent, freshness and subtle sweetness of white floral scent. It is the most popular soft scent and can be used by both men and women.


Musk jasmine with the popular white musk and the scent of jasmine combined with a refreshing and sweet elegant fragrance


Lily of the valley Lily of the valley is one of the three major floral fragrances, the light green with pure and transparent lily of the valley fragrance creates a natural and soft atmosphere and makes you relax


Black musk, fascinating musky scent, lightly enveloping ripe mixed fruit, sensual sweetness and sourness, although the composition of the smell is simple, the strength and flexibility of the core can be felt

[Product size] width 40 × depth 50 × height 40mm #4F 汔 car supplies surrounding

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