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Our eyes are exposed to various stresses every day , such as the modern living environment with a lot of ultraviolet rays and exhaust gas, lack of sleep, and uneven diet . Such effects may be accumulated and lead to discomfort in the eyes 

Eye fatigue, conjunctival congestion, blurred vision of the eyes, itching, prevention of eye diseases (after swimming, such as when dust and sweat into your eyes), (sore eyelid) blepharitis, eye inflammation due to an outside line and other light (such as a snow day), wearing the hard contact lenses discomfort

once 1 to 3 drops, up to 5 times a day

Ingredients/ Quantity
Composition: Taurine
Content: 1.0%
Function: Activates eye turnover (tissue metabolism).

Component: Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
Content: 0.02%
Function: Activates the function of ciliary muscle and improves eye fatigue.

Ingredients: Sodium chondroitin sulphate
Amount: 0.5%
Function: Protects and moisturizes the cornea and prevents the evaporation of tears, giving moisture to the eyes. Component :

Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride
Amount: 0.05%
Function: Prevents conjunctival (white area) hyperemia.

Ingredients: chlorpheniramine maleate
Quantity: 0.03%
Fuction: Work to suppress the action of the histamine, reduces the itching of inflammation-eye of the eye.

As an additive, aminocaproic acid, sodium hydrate edetate, geraniol,
sodium hyaluronate, phenylethyl alcohol, benzalkonium chloride,
polysorbate 80, d-camphor, l-menthol, isotonic agents, pH modifiers
and Contains

JAN: 4987084410979

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