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About C3 Roh Dunqing contact lens countermeasure eye drops repair

When wearing contact lenses, if the eyes appear dry, the lenses can easily damage the cornea. And these small wounds on the cornea will make the tears on the surface of the eyeballs not evenly distributed. The light entering the eye will therefore be scattered. Causes eyes to be unclear and fatigue is easy.


C3 Rotunqing contact lens countermeasure eye drops (ロート Cキューブプレミミアムクリア) is an eye drops that focuses on repairing fatigue damage caused by contact lenses. The vitamin A component contained therein can promote the repair of corneal damage*. Neostigmine Methsulfate helps relieve tension in the ciliary muscles. It also contains chondroitin sulfate, a corneal protective ingredient, and various nutrients such as taurine and natural vitamin E.

This eye drops can be used directly when wearing various contact lens lenses (except for colored contact lenses). It can also be used with naked eyes.


*Refers to the slight friction of the lens on the cornea



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C3 Rohto Clear is a major contact lens care brand owned by Rohto. Adhering to the 3 C concepts of "Clear Care Comfort", we provide a wealth of eye care and lens care proposals for the contact lens family.

In the C3 Roh Dunqing contact lens countermeasure eye drops series, there are also two products, a high moisturizing type and a lens lubricating type.

Highly moisturizing type can effectively alleviate the dryness and discomfort when wearing contact lenses. The HPMC component contained therein can continuously moisturize the cornea, and a variety of mineral components can replenish tears. In addition, it is added with chondroitin sulfate that can keep tears stable and nourish the cornea. Suitable for all contact lens lenses and naked eyes.

The lens lubrication type can form a buffer layer between the lens and the eyeball, reducing the friction of the lens on the cornea, and greatly alleviating the feeling of foreign body and dryness when wearing contact lenses. Various moisturizing ingredients keep eyes moisturized continuously. This is also suitable for all contact lens lenses and naked eyes. 


  • C3樂敦清隱形眼鏡對策眼藥水高保濕款・C3 Rotunchey contact lens eye drops (highly moisturizing type)

  • 樂敦清隱形眼鏡對策眼藥水鏡片潤滑款・C3 Rotunqing contact lens countermeasure eye drops (lens lubrication type)

Eye care tips for the contact lens family: When wearing soft contact lenses directly instilling eye drops, be sure to choose eye drops that indicate that soft contact lenses can be used to prevent the components of the eye drops from attaching to the lens, causing lens deformation and causing damage to the eyes .



Efficacy / effect

This product is suitable for eye fatigue, discomfort caused by wearing soft or hard contact lenses, blurred vision, and prevention of eye diseases (such as use when dust or sweat enters the eyes after swimming)


1 to 3 drops per time, 5 to 6 times a day




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