Japan Megurizumu Steam hot eye mask Pompompurin Fragrance-free (12 pieces)


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Kao Steam Eye Mask Eye Mask Sanrio Pudding Dog Limited~


Sanrio pudding dog designs are on sale for a limited time, and the quantity is limited! No fragrance!


Steam eye mask developed based on Kao technology in Japan,

Can release about 40 ℃ fine warm steam,

It lasts about 20 minutes to moisturize and wrap your eyes comfortably.

Especially after using the computer for work and study, let the tired eyes enjoy the steam bath,

Feel relaxed from the inside out!



The full of fine steam can gently touch the skin.

Whether you are sitting or lying down, it fits your eyes comfortably.

It quickly and gently releases warm steam at about 40°C for about 20 minutes.

Stretchable and soft cotton gauze material, more care for the eye skin.

The ear-hanging design can better fix the position of the eyes.

Lightweight single-piece design, easy to carry and use.



It can moisturize and relieve eye fatigue and effectively protect eyesight.

Eliminate eye swelling and eye bags, suitable temperature can promote blood circulation,

It can also prevent eye wrinkles and improve eye problems.

Calm and soothe the nerves, improve sleep, release the steam to relax people's mood and promote sleepiness

Eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, warm steam and pleasant fragrance can soothe emotions,

Let the body after a tired day relax.

Improve stubborn dark circles, long-term use can improve stubborn dark circles caused by nose sensitivity.



Take out the eye shield from the bag, tear off the dotted line in the middle, and hang it on your ears. Close your eyes when using it.



Do not use with other eye patch products.

After using the eye drops, please wait a while before using the eye mask.

Using eye masks may cause makeup to fall off.

Do not press your eyes when using the eye mask.

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