Japan D-up Orishiki Eyelid Skin Film 4ml


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Product desciption

●Only dry paint. It is a non-adhesive forming film.

●The opportunity to create the "invisible film" is Nie Rongzhen, and Nie will naturally complete it.

●In the non-adhesive type, double eyelids are not attached, even if you close your eyes, the natural appearance does not bring comfort.

●It can even be used from the top of the eyeshadow.

●-Single peak, double-pass, sagging with your worries. Even without blinking.

●Keep clear Nie is extremely waterproof and sweaty in the water.

●Hyaluronic acid collagen moisturizing ingredient.

Ingredients ・ raw materials

Rubber latex, water, (styrene/acrylate) copolymer, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, Na lauryl sulfate, oleth-15, oleth-50, sodium dehydroacetate, BG, quaternary ammonium-73, ammonia, phenoxyethanol

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