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Made in Japan-two color options:

01 natural brown

02 pink brown

Dual-use eyebrow pencil + eyebrow cream

Tear-shaped eyebrow pencil-pencil tip, moderate hardness, can draw very thick, very thin and soft lines, simple and easy to draw natural lines, easy to collapse eyebrows can also be perfect for a long time.

Eyebrow Cream-Fill the gaps between the eyebrows and trim the end of the eyebrows. The use of superfine fibers gives a three-dimensional brow shape after completion.

Eyebrow pencils and eyebrow dye creams contain a special waterproof protective film, which can block sweat, water and skin and fatty tissues, providing high waterproof effect for 24 hours.



Eyebrow pencil: first draw lightly from the brow to the brow peak, and then draw one by one from the brow peak to the eyebrow direction. (Do not exceed 2mm per rotation. If the pen core is unscrewed too much at a time, it may not be able to turn back to the pen body!)

Eyebrow Cream: Use an eyebrow pencil to draw the ideal eyebrow shape from the mountain to the end of the eyebrow.

** After the liquid dries, you can apply it again for a brighter effect.


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