AXXZIA Venus Recipe Plus AG Drink 25ml * 30pieces


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  • Product Introduction

    Casually drink one bottle a day for an glycation care beauty life.
    AG drink renewed with newly developed 5 kinds of original herbs mix (※1),and collagen support your aging care life (※2).

    ■ Points on renewal

    1. 5 kinds of herbs mix has been newly developed
    An original herbs mix has been newly developed as the beauty drink continuously evolved together with all of our customers.

    2. Increased amount by 20%
    Both total amount and herbs mix amount has been increased by 20% with our original bottle as the 4th generation product.

    3. Best before date 2 years after the production has been assured without any preservatives
    Realized a best before date 2 years after production by the integrated automated production line at the clean room.
    (Class 100,000 = a level of a medicines factory).

  • Product Use

    Cool AG Drink 4th at refrigerator and shake well before drinking.
    One bottle a day is enough and continue every day to consume one box (30 bottles).
    Recommend to take the drink just after your bath time for a refresh , reset of your feeling.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Collagen peptide (containing gelatin), erythritol, edible purple Chrysanthemum extract, mangosteen extract, hawthorn extract, fennel extract, amla fruit extract, mulberry leaf extract / acidulant, flavor, sweetener (sucraCollagen peptide (from fish),Erythitol,Purple chrysanthemum flower extract,Mangosteen extract,
    European hawthorn,Fennel extract,Amla fruit extract,Mulberry leaf extract,Acidifier,Fragrance,
    sweetner (Sucralose,Acesulfame K)lose, acesulfame K )

  • Specifications

    1 box (25ml × 30 bottles)

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